Dear Listeners,

In an effort to uphold journalistic standards and professionalism, the TCW team usually refrains from posting personal business, biases, memes and so forth. This month, we must make an exception. Our beloved host, Carrie, who has grown into the heart, soul and voice of TCW, suddenly lost her son on March 18 in a CA homicide. We are heartbroken for Carrie and her family.
I did not know her son; likewise, many of our listeners do not know Carrie personally. Part of the beauty of TCW is that community and connections are forged across airwaves — the distance between host and listener begins to disappear. Our fans and listeners have grown into a sort of nontraditional family, a unit that morphs every week, that supports its own existence and longevity simply by listening, speaking, and listening again, week after week. Our purpose at TCW has always been simple: to empower those who have experienced marginalization, whatever its form. To give voice to the voiceless. To provide listeners with a different perspective. Carrie has grown into big shoes, and has in turn made them bigger. She is the heartbeat of TCW’s original intent, ongoing work, and its future.
With all these things in mind, I invite you — the fan, the listener, the former guest — to step up to a needed demonstration of love and support for Carrie in this terribly tragic, horrific time. She has poured herself into TCW, and it’s time for TCW, in all its forms, to return the effort in kind. There are several things you can do —
1. Donate to the memorial fund for Scott Zumbrum. It is set up through SELCO Community CU. Their number is 541.686.8000
2. Write a letter, of any length, with your name attached or not, to demonstrate your support for Carrie personally, for TCW, or other words of healing. Send to, and your letter will be read on the air as part of a special broadcast for Carrie. Please give written consent to use your name if you would like it included.
3. Share this post, like the page, post to the page, or otherwise use social media to demonstrate support. Carrie sees this page several times per week.
4. As always, listen to the show! We are on Thursdays at 7pm PCT live on 88.1FM in Eugene and online at You can also hear rebroadcasts of previous shows on SoundCloud.

Thank you for your time, support, love and dedication. Please take care of yourselves, and pay it forward. -Lauren Lea



This is an interview that Lauren and Carrie did. They are they Hosts (Carrie) and the Producer (Lauren) from The Concertina Wire on KWVA Just click on the link above and enjoy a great show and get ready to know these two women.

Our Listeners Speak!

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When asked what they like about TCW, our listeners said this:

“I have been so inspired and impressed with TCW! This radio show is great because it attracts a variety of listeners. In my opinion, this is because of the different topics that are presented weekly.”

“I listen, and when I do it’s because it levels the playing field, provides perspectives that I don’t necessarily have access to in my daily life.”


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In Other News…

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Georgia officials are making a push for businesses to hire ex-prisoners, and urged business leaders to give people who have been convicted of a felony a fair chance in the hiring process.

Would you consider hiring a felon?


Out of Hibernation

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While we’ve been off the Internet radar for a stint, we are broadcasting stronger than ever! We’re up to 272 likes on Facebook and would love 275 by Valentine’s Day. Will you help us get there? Please, share the page and tell your friends about our awesomesauce work! Oh, and don’t worry, our site will be alive and kicking again in no time. As in this week. Thanks for your loyalty!

TCW Turns Two!

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Time has really flown by! It seems like only yesterday we started pre-recording shows and thinking about bringing in guests for live ones. It feels like only yesterday, Carrie came to KWVA wanting to get more involved with “whatever”, and before she knew it, she was hosting and sustaining the show. We’ve come a long way; from speaking on panels to designing and selling our first hot swag items, from jumping on the air with another station to solidifying a small but steady cadre of volunteers and sponsors, from pre-recorded to live, consistent shows, from just Lauren to Carrie and Lauren to Carrie, Lauren and a whole slough of engaging, interesting and captivating guests and topics; indeed, Happy Birthday to us! Here’s to the excitement of Year 3 and all of the growth and adventures it will bring! Wish List: GRANTS, MORE SISTER STATIONS (Hi, PRA!), AND LOTS MORE SWAG! Thanks, listeners, for your love and support. 

GGMC Wife – September 5, 2013

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Tonight, we welcome Charity, the wife of a Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club member. Tune in to hear her take on what the club is about, her own role around the club, her role as a parent, and as a wife. She will also touch on how children perceive their fathers, cons/sinners turned good guys via the MC, and she will discuss her own reflective writing.