The Wire Welcomes New Outreach Coordinator

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s official, and she’s earned it: Carrie Z. is the Concertina Wire’s first and only Outreach Coordinator.  While the Wire consistently relies on KWVA staff, volunteer readers from the community, and relationships with other organizations to keep content fresh and plentiful, no one has consistently stepped up to reach out to formerly incarcerated women to encourage their participation like Carrie has.  For several weeks in a row, she has convinced a variety of women to step up to the mic and share their stories of incarceration, transformation and reunion with family and home.  Now also working at Sponsors and volunteering to help others reenter society with a clean and sober approach, Carrie relentlessly and reliably steps up her dedication to the show, expanding its listener base and sharing the power of broadcast with others, one ex-offender at a time.  The Wire is honored to have her on board, and proudly dubs her the show’s Outreach Coordinator!  Thank you, Carrie!


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