New Content Manager, Dagmar Arbogast, Joins the Team

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

We would like to introduce Dagmar Arbogast as our new Content Manger at Concertina Wire. Dagmar first came on the show in July as a guest telling us a little about where she came from and where she would like to go in her life.  She read some poetry that was very intense and deep.  In August, she reappeared sharing once again some more moving poetry.  From that time on she has been involved in helping with interviews and learning how to set up for the shows.  She will be the one to organize writing compilations with previous guests from the show that will be in a book soon to come your way.  Her outgoing personality and courageous spirit will be a great addition to the Concertina Wire.  Welcome Dagmar!!

  1. Shalina Arbogast says:

    Dagmar you are becoming such a inspiration for so many people ❤ it and you keep doiong what you are doing -Sis

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