Sept 20: Powerful, Heartwarming Interview with “Crystal,” 11.

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Crystal” is only 11, but has survived more than your typical adult.  Currently in foster care, she is a survivor of abuse and wanted to share her writings from that time in her life on the radio to help other kids who might be struggling with similar situations.  Carrie interviewed her off the air to help protect her identity and the fragility of her story, situation, and recovery, but we will air this special, precious interview this week, on September 20, at 6:30.  She talks about the good things: writing, school, and life as a thriving 11-year old.  Tune in to be inspired and to acknowledge the courage and strength of not only this child, but of all children who survive and overcome traumatic and heartbreaking situations.


Additionally, don’t forget to tune in for another essay from a Lettuce Grow inmate gardener at Oregon State Correctional Institution.  For more information visit


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