Out of Hibernation

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey Fans!

First, apologies for the long gap between posts.  It’s been a long and exciting fall.  Now that we’re heading into winter with awesome momentum, here is an update for your holiday reading pleasure.

Check out the new “We the People” page for starters, and get to know the folks behind the scenes a little bit better.  We are awesome, so it’s a worthwhile read.

After that warmup, visit the soundcloud page (Audio Archives page, above) for all the consistently good broadcasts we have had on the air in the past several months.  From our birthday party fundraiser up through live interviews with musicians, teachers, tattoo artists and children who have overcome abuse, you have a long lineup of awesome to keep you company as you huddle up over these crispy, wet days ahead.  We have also had the special opportunity to read short essays and letters from inmates at Oregon State Correctional east of Salem, who are participating in Lettuce Grow’s gardening classes while incarcerated.

Thanks for your ongoing support, for listening, and for remembering us over the holiday season. Cheers.


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