TCW Turns Two!

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Time has really flown by! It seems like only yesterday we started pre-recording shows and thinking about bringing in guests for live ones. It feels like only yesterday, Carrie came to KWVA wanting to get more involved with “whatever”, and before she knew it, she was hosting and sustaining the show. We’ve come a long way; from speaking on panels to designing and selling our first hot swag items, from jumping on the air with another station to solidifying a small but steady cadre of volunteers and sponsors, from pre-recorded to live, consistent shows, from just Lauren to Carrie and Lauren to Carrie, Lauren and a whole slough of engaging, interesting and captivating guests and topics; indeed, Happy Birthday to us! Here’s to the excitement of Year 3 and all of the growth and adventures it will bring! Wish List: GRANTS, MORE SISTER STATIONS (Hi, PRA!), AND LOTS MORE SWAG! Thanks, listeners, for your love and support. 


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