Please Show Support for Carrie

Posted: April 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Dear Listeners,

In an effort to uphold journalistic standards and professionalism, the TCW team usually refrains from posting personal business, biases, memes and so forth. This month, we must make an exception. Our beloved host, Carrie, who has grown into the heart, soul and voice of TCW, suddenly lost her son on March 18 in a CA homicide. We are heartbroken for Carrie and her family.
I did not know her son; likewise, many of our listeners do not know Carrie personally. Part of the beauty of TCW is that community and connections are forged across airwaves — the distance between host and listener begins to disappear. Our fans and listeners have grown into a sort of nontraditional family, a unit that morphs every week, that supports its own existence and longevity simply by listening, speaking, and listening again, week after week. Our purpose at TCW has always been simple: to empower those who have experienced marginalization, whatever its form. To give voice to the voiceless. To provide listeners with a different perspective. Carrie has grown into big shoes, and has in turn made them bigger. She is the heartbeat of TCW’s original intent, ongoing work, and its future.
With all these things in mind, I invite you — the fan, the listener, the former guest — to step up to a needed demonstration of love and support for Carrie in this terribly tragic, horrific time. She has poured herself into TCW, and it’s time for TCW, in all its forms, to return the effort in kind. There are several things you can do —
1. Donate to the memorial fund for Scott Zumbrum. It is set up through SELCO Community CU. Their number is 541.686.8000
2. Write a letter, of any length, with your name attached or not, to demonstrate your support for Carrie personally, for TCW, or other words of healing. Send to, and your letter will be read on the air as part of a special broadcast for Carrie. Please give written consent to use your name if you would like it included.
3. Share this post, like the page, post to the page, or otherwise use social media to demonstrate support. Carrie sees this page several times per week.
4. As always, listen to the show! We are on Thursdays at 7pm PCT live on 88.1FM in Eugene and online at You can also hear rebroadcasts of previous shows on SoundCloud.

Thank you for your time, support, love and dedication. Please take care of yourselves, and pay it forward. -Lauren Lea



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