The Concertina Wire is a weekly radio broadcast on KWVA Eugene 88.1FM and kwvaradio.org.  The show is rebroadcast daily on Radio Nouspace out of Washington State University.  The purpose of the show is to highlight written work and narrative stories of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals–particularly women and minorities–and to raise awareness about the impact educational programs and creative expression have in correctional facilities and in the lives of its former inmates.  We also highlight topics related to incarceration, such as addiction, domestic violence, child abuse, bullying, gang violence, and more.

For a broadcast schedule, check out this Google calendar.

The show was started by Lauren Lea, a graduate of Oregon State University’s Adult Education master’s program and current GED Faculty at Clackamas Community College.  There are no paid employees, and the show is produced in the KWVA studios by Carrie Zumbrum with the help of KWVA staff and volunteers.

Our Content Partners–groups that share published work with us for airplay–include Write Around Portland, the Prison Journal, the Prison Education blog and Prisoner Express.

If your group is interested in becoming involved with Concertina Radio;

If you have been incarcerated and would like your written work considered for airplay, or wish to be interviewed on the air;

If you would like more information;

…write us at concertinaradio@gmail.com or hit us up on our Facebook page.

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