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Back to Our Roots

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Tonight, as we do on the last Thursday of every month, Michelle of Chemeketa Community College joins us to partake in the reading of written works by formerly and currently incarcerated individuals. Tune in at 6:30 Pacific time on KWVA Eugene or online at


Greetings Listeners and Fans,

This is Lauren, TCW Creator and Producer. I wanted to take a moment to discuss the content of tonight’s show; we will interview Jes, who fights for the eradication of sex trafficking on the west coast, and who will discuss rape culture, the sex industry, and her painstaking, uphill work in this field to save women and girls from the grips of these social disgraces. 

While we give the disclaimer before every show that the content is not suitable for all listeners, we feel it appropriate to extend an extra word of caution to our listeners this evening. This is not because tonight’s content is explicit or vulgar, but because the culture in which we live and often blindly carry about our business is infected with the thriving, growing, commonplace, overlooked, unchecked and ugly sex trafficking industry we will expose. It is close to you. It is in your neighborhood, it is on your streets and in your schools. I felt compelled to preface the broadcast with a word about these things because I believe you should listen, and so should your families. Girls and boys should listen, parents should listen, educators should listen, Johns should listen, priests should listen — but we want you to know that the intent is, in fact, to trigger discomfort. No one should tune in and expect to feel nothing; we hope that you will feel moved, compelled to take action to improve your community, and a bit more informed about what is going on in the shadows of our daily lives.

The Concertina Wire aspires to expose listeners to underrepresented perspectives and to shine a spotlight on individuals who have fallen through the cracks of our society. Tonight’s broadcast highlights a topic close to the hearts of your host, Carrie, and me. We invite you to join us in the spirit of the mission we assume every week; we invite the open-minded, the inquisitive, the rebellious and the lifelong learner to tune in and participate in the conversation this evening, but we also proceed cautiously, knowing that several listeners will handle the discomfort in a variety of ways. Above all, we advocate for safety and self-care. Tonight’s show will be laden with triggers for some, will expose difficult and disturbingly common norms in our local communities, and will not be easy to digest for any rational person. We therefore extend this word of caution to our fans and listeners, and encourage all to seek out and pursue the resources they require to practice safe self-care. 

As always, your feedback, ideas, questions and love are received on our Facebook page or via email at Thanks for listening. 

Jessica Richardson will join us this week via phone to talk about her important and tumultuous work to advocate for survivors of sex trafficking. She will passionately shares her story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse, trauma and domestic sex trafficking, as well as transforming pain into an encouraging message of hope and resiliency. Jes has firsthand experience with breaking the cycles of abuse and balancing an active home with the complexity of owning a business. Tune in Thursday, August 8 at 6:30 PCT on

Michelle D. McCormac, Communications Faculty at Chemeketa Community College, will visit the studio along with some of her formerly incarcerated students.  She teaches and volunteers in OSP, Mill Creek Corrections and OSCI, teaching public speaking and other classes to incarcerated students aspiring to earn their associate’s degrees.  They will all discuss the power of educational programs behind bars from the inmate and teacher perspectives, and they will read original written pieces from behind the wall.

We had a guest cancel on us, so last week, we actually interviewed Janis, who is the mother of Matt, a previous guest who is going to enter prison in a few months, and who spoke about her perspective on the situation and the consequences her son will face. See the Archives page to hear this show. 

TCW July 18, 2013

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Tonight, Nick will share his experiences of transition from prison into the community. He is regaining trust from his family and will elaborate on this process and what it means to him. Tune in for the reentry population’s unique perspectives on functional relationships, regular (legal) jobs, and the solace inherent in creative writing. 6:30PCT 88.1FM locally in Eugene!

This week, we will feature an interview with folks of the Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club. Tony Robinson, the group’s Co-Founder, will be joined by a few from the crew to talk about his ten years behind bars, particularly how he worked to generate access to reading materials for himself and his fellow inmates.

After paroling home Tony had several choices in what he wanted to do next with his life. He could easily start selling drugs and live the easy fast life he knew, but instead with the support of his true friends and loved ones Tony took a path not many try to do after a decade in prison. He planned to work part-time along with a vision of being a full-time student working to get a higher education.

At the end of his first year of schooling, Tony had a 4.0 G.P.A. earning him a new more respectful nickname, 4-point Tone. After two years he graduated with a degree in business. With the support of the club he was pushed and encouraged to go farther into his education.

To read more about Tony and the Gorilla Gospel MC, visit their website.