The broadcast is produced at and broadcast from the studios of KWVA Eugene, 88.1FM.  WE LOVE KWVA!

We are now rebroadcast on DAILY at 7pm PCT. Listen to us over and over and over and over x 7!

The following groups have generously granted The Concertina Wire to read its published and unpublished pieces on the air:

Write Around Portland

Prisoner Express

The Prison Journal

The following businesses and groups have been featured on the show, and/or are run by folks who have found the courage to come on the air and tell their stories of transformation:

Bonaroo Tattoo in Downtown Eugene

Lettuce Grow Garden Foundation teaches inmates statewide to grow food sustainably behind bars, much of which is donated to food banks.

Did we forget you? Let us know on our Facebook page!

The following volunteers have read for various broadcasts, and have made the show a success:

Carrie Zumbrum

Eric Kovner

Jen Jackson

Amy Potthast

Brenda,  Dave, Carla, Tom

John Strieder

Llew Wells

Jessica Pendragon

Chance Aumuller

James Franssen

Luisa Anderson

Peg Morton

Dagmar Arbogast

Chris Zoukis

The following community members have been pivotal to the creation and production of the program:

Carrie Zumbrum

Eric Kovner

Mark Costigan

Charlotte Nisser



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