Concertina Team


Making her debut radio appearance in December of 2011, Carrie tentatively read her creative nonfiction pieces for The Concertina Wire, in which she shared her story of reintegrating into society after years of addiction, incarceration, and other difficult obstacles.  A few months later, Carrie expressed interest in getting involved with the show on deeper levels; she wanted to help behind the scenes.  By the summer of 2012, she was co-hosting with Producer Lauren Lea, setting up interviews on and off the air, and eventually learned to operate the board herself.  After less than a year after her first exposure to the radio world, Carrie, our Outreach Coordinator, has led the charge in expanding the Wire’s reach, diversifying guests (who she interviews live on the air), booking content for future shows, and even mentoring other volunteers who express interest in working behind the scenes.

CarrieCarrie embodies the spirit of the show and its original purpose, which was and is to provide a creative and truly unique means for an overlooked and underrepresented demographic to find community, empowerment, self-transformation, and affirmation that their experiences and triumphs matter enough to be shared.  Without Carrie’s dedication, thirst for learning, and love for our mission, the show would cease to exist.  She has exceeded all expectations in her role and continues to carry the show to new heights weekly.

Carrie’s other interests include dirt biking, hanging out in the mountains, college football, and family.  She is studying to become a drug and alcohol counselor.


During her graduate program in Adult Education at Oregon State University, Lauren found her passion for teaching developmental education and writing to incarcerated women.  With a background in amateur and college radio, she approached KWVA with the idea of sharing her students’ powerful written pieces on the air in the summer of 2011, and KWVA agreed to host the production.  The Concertina Wire was born.  Lauren

Now GED faculty at Clackamas Community College, Lauren supervises all production of The Concertina Wire, assists Carrie with interviews, and manages web content, fundraisers, and partnerships with other community groups.  She also works as the Education Manager for Lettuce Grow Garden Foundation, which facilitates vegetable gardening classes in prisons throughout Oregon, and has taught for TEAM Oregon, which trains Oregonians to safely and legally ride motorcycles, since 2007.

Lauren’s interests include motorcycling (a coincidence that Carrie also rides bikes!), mountain biking, crochet, photography, animal welfare, organic gardening, and creative writing.  She has also helped produce The Vagina Monologues in Eugene since 2007.  An advocate for women and education for adults, she and Carrie make a dynamic team in the studio and on the airwaves.


A profile of our most recent volunteer addition is coming soon!

TCW Hall of Fame: Former Volunteers


As the News Director for KWVA in 2011-2013, Eric went above and beyond his regular duties to help The Concertina Wire thrive.  Uploading and recording podcasts of the show, advocating for production resources and providing training and technical support to Carrie, his generosity took the show from good to great. Eric Here he is at the KWVA helm.  Having graduated from the University of Oregon in 2012 with a degree in Planning, Public Policy and Management, he left us for greener pastures, but his help is not forgotten!

Eric advocated for The Concertina Wire in 2012, nominating the show for a national award and working with KWVA to provide a SoundCloud account, where we can store and archive previously aired shows and reach more listeners.  He also helped out in the Wire’s fundraiser 1-year birthday party in October of 2012 and mentored Carrie in her role as an on-air host.

No, he does not ride a motorcycle!


James was a devoted volunteer from the beginning; he contacted TCW when he heard us on the air in response to our open invitation for folks to get involved behind the scenes. Before Carrie was the host, he helped out by reading and recording stories provided to us by Write Around Portland and Prisoner Express, creating valuable, high-quality content to help launch TCW to what it is today. Later, James continued to help behind the scenes, recording the shows from home and enabling our broadcast partners to re-air our shows (

James is a passionate artist, and like many artists, is always seeking new projects and clients. Show your support of TCW by showing support for him and his fabulous artwork, like this piece of his!    206917_1900373823127_3392598_n

We also must make the space to recognize volunteers: Luisa Anderson, John Strieder, Chance Aumuller, Jess, Erica Perucci, Brenda; our affiliates and staff: Charlotte Nisser, Phil Maguire, John Barber, Steve Shankman; and all of the brave folks who agree to speak on the air with us. Thank you.


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